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November 21, 2014

Holiday Cakes on Pinterest #holiday #entertaining

If you are prepping to entertain this Thanksgiving or Christmas, you likely are wracking your brain for an impressive dessert to serve your guests. I always love serving up a cake or cupcake recipe, and try to do something unexpected to impress my guests. Often, the most impressive desserts are the simplest, but sometimes special holidays call for over-the-top and yummy cakes!

Clockwise from Top Right

I'm not going to lie, this Molten Peanut Butter and Chocolate Lava Cake made me weak in the knees. A combination that was just meant to be, the presentation is stunning and it certainly is something that will impress your guests!

For Autumn and Winter, you can't go wrong with a bundt cake. They're also super easy to do, and require less work than individual cakes or cupcakes since you can whip up a tasty glaze and drizzle it over your cake. This Spiced Rum Cake is an easy recipe that you can throw together in no time.

Caramel apples are synonymous with Fall, so it stands to reason that a caramel apple cake would be fitting for a fall celebration. Again, a beautiful presentation, this Caramel Apple Cake is impressive and tasty!

My own creation, Vanilla Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Ganache Filling and Chocolate Buttercream. A mouthful, but a tasty one, I assure you!

And finally, a Flourless Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcake. Flourless cakes are known for being sinful and rich, and I haven't met one that I didn't like yet! This recipe combines just 6 ingredients to make these little beauties!

Whipping up an impressive fall dessert doesn't have to take a tonne of time or ingredients, as you can see from the five recipes featured above. It's all about presentation and combining yummy flavors together!


November 20, 2014

When was the last time you updated your look? #selfcare and glassesUSA.com

The year was 1998. I was in grade 10, and I had picked out a fancy pair of specs that had the most amazing frames. The frames were purple, with subtle red and blue hints. I absolutely loved them.

Fast forward to 2014...same face, same frames (different lenses, of course!)

Yes, you read that correctly. I haven't taken twenty minutes out of my busy schedule to get myself new glasses. I've poured pretty much everything of who I am into my business, my boys, my family...I had kind of lost sight of some of the fundamentals. But realistically, I don't have the time to always take care of some of those fundamental needs, which is why working with GlassesUSA.com was so amazing.

Being a bit quirky, I like to be able to switch up my look and wear my glasses from time to time instead of wearing contacts every day. I logged on to GlassesUSA.com and was able to search by small frames. This is a feature that I really loved about the search functions on the left side bar, as I have a smaller face and it can sometimes be difficult to find glasses that are flattering and stylish.

My first selection was Pupil in Tortoise. These are by far my favorite. I love that they are the round hipster style of glasses, but they are a smaller frame so they suit my face really well. As soon as they arrived, I tried them on and noticed a few key features.

First, they fit perfectly. There are absolutely no tweaks or adjustments needed for these frames. This is largely due to the spring loaded hinges at the temples, which ensure a perfect fit. Secondly, they are made from a slightly grippy plastic, which is something that I really appreciate. I am often fumbling around on my nightside table to find my glasses at 4am when I need to feed the baby. More often than not, my glasses go flying on the floor and I can't find them. The grippy texture of the plastic ensures that my glasses stay put, even when they're not on my face.

The next pair that I chose were the Joey Blue frames. I really love being able to incorporate color and style into my accessories, and the blue frames, paired with the rectangular shape, were a perfect choice. They make a bold statement in colour, but are quite simplistic and minimalist in design. The first thing that I noticed when wearing them is that they are really lightweight. Again, spring loaded hinges at the temples for a perfect fit, and the arms are reinforced with metal for an extra layer of protection.

Not only have these two pairs of glasses updated my look rather instantly, but GlassesUSA.com as a whole is an amazing company to work with if you are crunched for time and need glasses fast. I placed my order on a Thursday, and by the Monday they were here and in my hands, even with having to cross the border and go through customs. They offer FREE shipping, which is always a bonus, and stand by their products. If you ever have an issue or extra need, they are willing to work with you to ensure that your needs are met.

Don't wait sixteen years to update your look! Whether you need something funky and hip, or simple and sophisticated, get started by creating your wishlist on GlassesUSA.com. From there, you can view frames by shape, color, style and collection and choose the ones that are perfect for you.

Disclaimer: I received compensation by way of product for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Fall Business Attire #networking #womeninbusiness #fashion

Our second fall fashion look is devoted to the career woman, specifically for a networking event. Again, we are layering, but taking it up a notch with some unexpected neutrals and pops of color.

Fall Business Wardrobe

Yes pastels and neutrals are typically more Spring fashion trends, but when paired with a bright raspberry peplum top and a dark navy bag and shoe, they are totally appropriate for Fall fashion!

Here, tailored trousers are paired with a really chic structured jacket and peplum top. There are so many simple details that I chose not to accessorize with a necklace, but to go with some statement earrings in a dark black-navy and a power watch in the same time.

The shoes are what really stand out in this outfit for me. T strap pumps are super feminine, a little sexy and very versatile. Pair them with jeans, skirts, trousers or dresses. They really are a go-with-everything type shoe!

For a networking event, I usually like to be fairly hands free, so that means I like a handbag that can be slung on my forearm or a wristlet. This bag is the perfect shape, and roomy enough for all of your essentials.

Up next is a dressy fall outfit, and it's a beauty!


November 19, 2014

Thanksgiving Outfits for Boys #fashion #toddler #baby

Girl moms seem to have all of the fun when it comes to dressing their little chicklets in fancy dresses, leggings, sparkly bows and mary janes. Have no fear, boy mom's! Here's a quick reference for coordinated boy outfits just in time for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Outfits for Boys

Sweet and simple, with items that can be used time and again.

When looking for outfits for boys, look for layering items, especially in the fall. Sweaters, beanies, fedoras and polo shirts will go a long way with their fashion.

For toddlers, look for elastic waistbands for easy on-off (hello, potty training!) but in khaki fabrics for special occasions.

For babies, I love leggings! Some of my favorite baby legging shops are on Etsy and Instagram; Becketts Threads, Sugar Plum Lane Baby, and Hello Apparel. When all else fails and you can't find the perfect bottoms for your babe, pick a cute onesie from Truly Sanctuary.

Thanksgiving may be a decently formal holiday, especially for dinner, but I definitely believe in putting your boys in clothing that they will actually like to wear. Soft fabrics, cool hats and shoes, and trendy sweaters.

Happy Thanksgiving!


November 18, 2014

Nectarine #juice #recipe

I was so excited to see stone fruits in the produce section this Spring and Summer! I thought I would branch out of my apple-pear-spinach-carrot-tangerine/orange/tangelo comfort zone and try something a little different.

1 nectarine
2 apples
1 cup red grapes

Rinse your grapes off well, and make sure they are all firm. I had a mushy one in the bunch and it definitely impacted the taste! Alternate your fruit, and end with a quarter of apple.

Apples are great for fiber, Vitamin A and C, and the nectarines are loaded with niacin, calcium and iron. Add in your grapes, and you have the added benefits of copper, magnesium, and vitamins B1 and B2!

Stone fruits like peaches and nectarines are great when you're having digestive issues!
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