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August 29, 2014

Fall Color Trends for 2014

When it comes to changing things up in home decor seasonally, all you really need to do is look for a gorgeous color palette for inspiration.

But how do you incorporate these luxurious and rich fall colors into your exiting home decor?

Throw pillows and blankets are your friend, especially with cooler months on their way. It is such an easy way to bring a pop of color into your home. Look for ones with quatrefoil, geometric, and tribal prints to be extra trendy!

If your home decor is super neutral, think grey scale or white on white, consider an unexpected pop of color and change out {or paint} your lamp shades in one of the colors above. My personal favorite is the wine tone, however the goldenrod and pumpkin come in as other top options! 

For powder rooms, swapping out hand towels and candles is a really easy way to update your home decor.

And the easiest way of all? Fresh flower arrangements!

August 28, 2014

Shaidee Sun Cover #review #babygear

Having a summer baby means one thing: they're bound to be out in the sun as you try and soak up some vitamin D and live your life. That also means that they need to be protected from the suns harmful and powerful rays, but how do you do that when they are oh so little?

Introducing the innovative Shaidee Sun Cover! I had the opportunity this past weekend to try the sun cover while we were out at the LPGA Canadian Pacific Womens Open, and it was perfect for keeping the sun off of our little guy.

It's super easy to use; just fold the flap against your chest, and attach the straps around your back. It's compatible with every type of carrier. This weekend, I used it with both my Baby K'Tan and my Solly Baby Wrap, and we even tried it on my husband in the Snugli.

The Shaidee Sun Cover is wind resistant, lightweight, machine washable and comes in a one size fits all sizing so that anyone can use it when they are babywearing. It also rolls neatly into its storage bag, which makes it great for keeping in the car or for travel.

Knowing that we will be in Florida at some point in the winter, it's comforting to know that I can toss this in our travel bag when we are off to Disney, and pop it over Graeme when he's in the carrier to make sure he is safe and protected, and not overheating. The Shaidee not only protects them from sunburns, but also keeps them cool and shaded.

To learn more about this innovative piece of baby gear, check out Shaidee online!

I {Heart} Kale #juice #recipe for #pickyeaters

This spring, I ventured into the world of juicing and found out that there are some really amazing ingredients that are readily available in your grocery store that you might not otherwise get into your diet.


I was nervous to try it, but had heard such amazing things about juicing with kale. So...I whipped up this baby and well....the results were pretty incredible.

1 apple (cored)
1 pear (cored)
1 cup blueberries (rinsed)
1 cup strawberries (rinsed)
1 cup baby carrots (rinsed)
1 large handful kale (rinsed and dried)

I started by juicing my kale and apple, and while my juicer didn't grind and process it as much as I would have liked, I still got about 1.5oz of juice from the kale itself. Next, everything else went in the juicer.

At this point of my juicing journey (about 3 months in) my son was really interested and insisted on helping...then tasting...and drinking about 1/3 of my juice!

Knowing how much he enjoyed this juice made me really happy. He got all of that goodness in his little 1/3 portion (probably about 3-4oz), and loved it! The green mustache that he sported was pretty funny too.

Teaching your little ones about juicing is a great thing, and one that my son has really enjoyed. He likes to help push the produce through, and then give it a taste. Some he likes, and some he doesn't, but the point is that he's trying. He's a bit of a pick eater and while I'm pretty sure he could live on grilled cheese sandwiches, knowing that I can get a juice like this into him every now and again is really awesome.

I hope you love this kale juice recipe as much as we do!

Happy green mustaches!

August 27, 2014

Getting Back to Running After Baby #UA #IWillWhatIWant #WDW10km

I have to say, my legs have returned to me a lot faster than I anticipated. I even braved the big hill last week and did my first 5km!

I am, however, a little disappointed about how often I am getting out running. I didn't think that it would be so difficult to balance mom life and duties at home, my husband's crazy schedule and running the 4 year old to and from camp...it's been pretty hectic!

Now we're all a little under the weather, but I am itching to get out running in my new UA Fly By Compression Capris. They're the same ones that have inspired my outfit for WDW10km, which I will be revealing little sneak peeks of over the next few weeks!

Strength training, aside from lifting and carrying a 12lb newborn and a 42lb four year old, hasn't happened but it's because I'm listening to my body and trying to get back to things slowly. Running has been the perfect thing to get me back into a routine of healthy living and physical fitness, as well as setting a positive example for my boys.

I've noticed a pattern. Run twice, rest ten. I'm not super happy with it, it's partially circumstantial, and it will be changing.

In terms of my 50km in August goal, I have run a total of 16km. Still a long way to go in just a very few days!! That's 26km to get under my belt to finish the final station in the LOST running series and 34km to my August goal.

Will I be disappointed if I don't make it? No. I know in reality it was a bit of a lofty goal, that I'm just 7 weeks postpartum and only cleared as of yesterday by my doctor to get back to my regular training. The mental break that running gives, the sense of accomplishment and the feeling that I'm doing something for myself that I am proud of is all that I need right now.Self care is so important, and running is definitely just the thing that gives me that mental break so I can still be me...and be good to everyone around me.

So...tonight, I run.
Friday, I run.
Saturday, I run.
Sunday, I run.

That's four runs still to go in August, which means I could get very close to my 42km LOST running medal if I push myself and do about 6km each time, and I know that with my new compression capris that is certainly possible.

Can I do it? Follow me on Instagram and see!

Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.


Roasted Carrot Oatmeal Muffins #pickyeaters #recipe

Do you have a picky eater in your house? Perhaps one that is going to be starting kindergarten soon and you're worrying about what to send in his lunch?

No? Just me? Surely, I can't be the only mom out there who is struggling with lunch options for their kiddo, so I developed this recipe for nutritious muffin recipe that gets its beautiful orange color from roasted carrots, extra fiber and protein from oatmeal, and sweetness from brown sugar instead of refined white sugar!

Preheat oven to 400F and line muffin tin with baking cups

Mix together:

1 3/4 cup flour
1/4 cup brown sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup rolled oats

Add in and mix well:

1 cup roasted carrot cinnamon puree
3/4 cup milk
1 egg

Once well blended, divide into muffin cups. Bake for 18 minutes, then cool completely in the muffin tin.

This recipe will yield approximately 12 muffins. Typically, I keep out 4-6 at a time, and freeze the rest. They're perfect for quick breakfasts when we have to be out the door in a rush, and also make great additions to lunch time with some cubed cheese, and dried cranberries. He loves them, and is none the wiser that they contain very little sugar, and loads of veggies!
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