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April 21, 2014

Building Your Juice #recipes #juicebuilder #juice

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and Beachbody Coach Paula asked me about the caloric intake of my juices. To be honest....I really didn't know how to answer! I know that my juices are healthy and full of amazing ingredients, but I wasn't sure about the caloric intake so I went off on a research mission.

I found juicerecipes.com, and their fantastic juice builder!

Here's the juice that I had two Saturday's ago...

And here's what's in it...(all plunked into the juice builder)

Now for the break down of nutrients, minerals, and calories

So for approximately 7 servings of fruit and vegetables, it is approximately 275calories, juiced. If you were to eat all of those ingredients as a solid, they would be roughly 456 calories.

I'm not exactly sure why, I'm assuming it has something to do with water content (the juice builder says that this recipe contains 535g of water alone), sugars and things of the like but certainly will be doing some further research on this aspect of juicing.

In terms of vitamin and mineral content, I found it really interesting that in just one juice, I was able to get 600% of my daily intake of Vitamin K, 195% copper, 307% vitamin C. Pretty amazing in just about 14oz of fresh juice.

If you're ever wondering about exactly what you are putting in your body, check out the juice builder on juicerecipes.com. You may just find out that you're getting alot more awesome nutrients than you even thought!


Easy Pretzel Recipe #recipe #baking

It happened last summer when I was pregnant, and it's happened again: I want pretzels!

There's just something so delicious about a yummy warm pretzel. Whether it's topped with coarse salt or cinnamon sugar, it's just plain good.

Preheat your oven to 425 F

I use a standmixer to knead my dough, however you can use your hands as well.


2 3/4 cup flour
1 tbsp sugar
2 tsbp dry yeast
1 tsp salt (optional, I omit this from my recipe if I'm topping with coarse salt later on)

Add 1 1/3 cup of warm water to your dry ingredients, kneading well (which is why I love the dough hook on my stand mixer!). Sprinkle in more flour one tbsp at a time, as needed to tighten up your dough.

Next, divide your dough into balls about the size of a tennis ball, and roll into long ropes (approx. 21"). Shape into the classic pretzel shape, placing them on a greased cookie sheet.

Repeat until you've used all of your dough. I find that I can get 7 large pretzels out of this recipe.

Make an egg wash with 1 egg and about 3 tbsp water. Brush it lightly on your pretzels, then top with coarse salt or cinnamon sugar.

Bake for 15-20 minutes, then cool slightly on the cookie sheet, then transfer to a wire rack.

Best enjoyed warm!

Variation: omit the egg wash and brush with melted butter with 5 minutes left in baking, then sprinkle with coarse salt or cinnamon sugar.


April 18, 2014

Easter Egg Craft Roundup

Easter Eggs, an iconic symbol. Did you dip dye them as a child? I remember so looking forward to dying our eggs every year; mixing and matching the colors, putting on stickers afreward.

Easter egg crafts have really come a long way over the past few years, and I wanted to share my top 4 picks, found on Pinterest.

I've tried my hand, unsuccessfully, at balloon eggs. I learned my lesson and am ready to try again! These yarn balloon eggs are filled with a special treat, which takes them up to a whole new level of awesome. Magic Balloon Treats

Ombre easter eggs are a new take on the old favorite of dip dying. Once you have your hard boiled eggs ready to go, dip them in the dye cup. Let sit for a bit, then slowly add water, allowing them to sit between layers. For full instructions, go here.

These marbled eggs from Leg Flower Tatto are awesome. I have never seen ones like this before, and think it is such a great sensory learning technique for toddlers.

Gold dipped eggs. I have a slight obsession with the pink and gold colors used here, which is probably why these eggs caught my eye, but I think it would be such a lovely project if you used wooden eggs. The kiddos could certainly help, and they are fresh and trendy for your Easter home decor. Found at Fabulous K.

Have an Easter Egg craft on your blog? Leave me a comment and I'll check it out!


April 17, 2014

Juicing and Pregnancy Vol. 2 #pregnancy #juicing

Each day that I prep my ingredients and push them through my juicer, I learn something new. It's a brand new adventure with every juice I create, and I definitely have some tips and pointers to share now that I've been juicing for 2 and a half months of my pregnancy.

Juice all the greens. I was only juicing baby spinach for the longest time, but when we only had a sweet baby green mix in the fridge...I threw caution to the wind. It was much more of a mellow taste than the baby spinach, and greens are great for alkalizing your juices, making for a more well rounded and nutrient rich juice.

Stone fruits are where it's at. If I'm having digestive issues, I throw in a peach or nectarine with an extra apple and feel so much better afterward.

Fiber supplements are your friend, especially if you are juicing alot of spinach to replace your iron stores after 20 weeks.

I found out from my Doula at around 25weeks that it's important to space out your juice and your food to avoid indigestion. This is something I was completely unaware of, and as I said...I'm always learning. She recommended if you have your juice first, wait 20minutes for food. If you have your food first, wait 2 hours for your juice. I've tried it, and it definitely helps with indigestion, which in turn helps with my lack of appetite sometimes!

Now for a recipe that I hope you will enjoy! It's one of my favorites so far, and it is definitely baby bump and baby approved!

2 apples
1 tangelo
1 nectarine
1 pear

This is one of those throw it all in the juicer type recipes. To prep, core your apples and pears, pit your nectarine (or peach if you prefer) and peel your tangelo.

Warning: This recipe makes alot of juice. I'm talking about 17oz. When my collection jug ran over 16oz and the stream was still coming fast and furious, I had to close the spout. There was still about an ounce of juice left in the collection area!

This juice is yummy...I mean super yummy. It's mellow, not overly tart, and is loaded with vitamin C - hence the name!

Cheers to another month of juicing! I have found that I actually prefer to have fruits and vegetables. Don't get me wrong...there are still crazy cravings for random things like rootbeer floats and milkshakes, but once they are filled, they go away. The craving for strawberries is pretty much always there!


Run for Retina recap #running #pregnancy #fitmom

This past Sunday, against the threat of rain and at 7 months pregnant, I ran the Run for Retina in London, Ontario. 5km...most of which was surprisingly uphill, but I did it...and I didn't finish last!

My first km went by really quickly, and my tracker dinged at about 8minutes. I was surprised that I was going so fast, and then slowed down a bit to walk some.

This is when it got a little silly. In my brain, when I am running, I am not pregnant. I push myself, and tell my legs "you're not tired, your brain is...keep going" When you're 7 months pregnant, this is really dumb, but there's something that happens when you're at a race...there's something in the air. People are super jazzed to be there; for some, it's their first race and you can see the mix of excitement and nerves written on their face. For others, they're seasoned pros and complete the course in no time.

Then there was me. Pregnant and determined.

Around the 2km mark, my belly started to cramp. I walked a little more, and knew that it was my body telling me that it didn't necessarily need to slow down...it needed water like whoa. Thankfully, I could see the water station in my sights, so walked to it, and chugged a couple of glasses. Once the cramp went away, I walked quicker and worked my way up to a run.

This course was supposed to be a 5km, but when my tracker dinged that I had run 3km at the half way turnaround, I had a feeling that alot of the way back would be walking.

Grabbed some more water at the station, then just kept going. There was only one way back, and I would get there when I got there.

When I could see Blackfriars Bridge, I knew that the end was near, and that it was primarily downhill. I started running...and kept running. I actually ran right past my husband and son, and didn't realize that they were there! I ran past a few of the other racers and over the finish line.

I wanted to cry...but I really really needed to pee! So I collected my medal, grabbed two more glasses of water and ran right to the bathrooms. Once I had some much needed relief, took a moment to smile at myself in the mirror, pat my belly and be proud...all by myself.

When I found my husband and son, my kiddo ran up to me with the biggest smile and was SO proud. Then my husband said I I had of told you four years ago that you would become a runner would you have believed me? I laughed, and said no.

Then he said Would you have believed me if I said that you would run a 5km, while pregnant with our second son?

Absolutely not...but I did, and that's pretty awesome!

I'm SO looking forward to my next race in just a couple of weeks, the Le Chocolat 5K Run/Walk. It's actually a full on girls weekend away with my bests, and I can't wait!

If all else fails, I can have a firefighter carry me to the finish!

April 16, 2014

FREE Easter #Printable

Easter is right around the corner, do you have your printables downloaded and printed??

Simple and sweet and I just love the ears at the bottom.

Download here for free, and have a very happy Easter!


DIY Chalky Finish Diaper Caddy #pregnancy #nursery

One of the most useful things that we had on hand at all times when Owen was a newborn was a diaper caddy. Ours was a chocolate brown wicker basket, that matched the color scheme of his room, and it held...

2 diapers
Nasal aspirator
Diaper rash cream
Baby Vicks
Gripe Water
Medicine Dispenser

It was awesome to have on hand (especially in the middle of the night!) and I knew that I would want to use it again for this little guy. However...chocolate brown just doesn't match, so I had to do something to spruce it up.

Wicker basket
Americana Home Chalky Finish Paint (Everlasting and Relic)
Paint brush

This project is one of the simplest that I've done, and I love that the Chalky Finish Paint really only needed one coat. Quick and easy for an update like this to an existing piece of storage or home decor that you have in your home.

First, I painted the base with Relic and set it to dry.

Once dry, I carefully painted the handles with Everlasting.

Set to dry, and then fill with everything you need for a quick diaper change!

Americana Home Decor Chalky Finish Paint and Finishes are available at Home Depot.

Disclaimer: I am a part of the DecoArt Blogger Outreach Program. The project concept and opinions expressed are my own.

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